Premio Mazzocchi 2014

The Gianni Mazzocchi Award 2014, conferred to Takeshi Uchiyamada, has the signature of Lorenzo Damiani: a marble sculptural object which reproduces a car wheel.
The Gianni Mazzocchi Award 2014, now at the fourth edition, was conferred in occasion of the Quattroruote Day, organized by Editoriale Domus at Palazzo Mezzanotte, to Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chairman of the Board of Toyota Motor Corporation, in recognition of his commitment to study and diffusion of the hybrid technology.
The award was projected by Lorenzo Damiani, starting from the consideration the premium as an object that fulfills its function only being watched, he imagined an element that could be placed vertically, as the most classic of trophies, but also horizontally, potentially becoming an object of use.

Its shape is clearly derived from a rim and a tire of car that become a single body. The marble Bianco Carrara, material certainly far from the automotive world, but certainly near to architecture, proposes an exchange of references between the magazines Quattroruote and Domus, its direct relation. The marble rim was modelled using a milling machine and subsequently, manually honed and polished. The initial marble block has been completely emptied inside to obtain a light body compared to the object size. The wooden box, realized by Damiani to accommodate the trophy, recount the genesis of the idea thanks some original design sketches.

Here's the video of the construction of the rim.

January 19, 2019